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</infobox> xorcist6898 is one of the primary characters seen in AlphaVer and is a Playtester for the 16.05 branch.


xorcist6898 is responsible for most of the earlier found videos along with the earlier versions of the 16.05 branch. One day, xorcist6898 got accepted in the test that would become the 16.05 branch. He is friends with dj_p155, who was not a playtester. xorcist6898 sent a .JAR to dj_p155, which violated gameplay protocols. In Version 06, both players were kicked; dj_p155 was kicked because he was not a playtester, and xorcist6898 was kicked for distributing the .JAR to someone who wasn't a playtester.

xorcist6898 is also friends with Vivivern, as seen in Consequences. Vivivern logs in as xorcist6898 on his behalf, with a remaining suspension time of 31 days. xorcist6898 was later unbanned, as seen in Reinsertion point. The Hub was retextured for this occasion.

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Before Entry point LORD_OF_THE_FLIES.1998/xorcist6898 encounters a shadow player for the first time. He tells dj_p155 about it on Skype but does not believe him, giving xorcist6898 a reason to begin recording his gameplay sessions.
Entry point LORD_OF_THE_FLIES.1998 encounters a Shadow Player for the second time. dj_p155 asks for a screenshot, but xorcist6898 is unable to do so in time.
Version 01 xorcist6898 logs into his Minecraft account and loads World 5. First, looks around briefly and mines some iron ore. Then, xorcist6898 (who is revealed to be LORD_OF_THE_FLIES.1998) messages dj_p155 on Skype.
The search xorcist6898 and dj_p155 try to find the shadow player xorcist6898 saw, but they come out empty-handed.
Version 03 xorcist6898 shows himself off by diving into the water. As he sees a lone iron door on the seafloor, he panics and swims back up, only to reveal that his cobblestone bridge has disappeared. He later quickly logs off when an unnamed player joins his world.
Version 05 xorcist6898 leaves his house to mine some iron ore. Upon returning to his house, his front entrance is blocked off by two iron doors, which disappear when xorcist6898 enters from the side.
Between "Version 05" and "Version 06" xorcist6898 distributes the .JAR file to dj_p155, who is not a playtester.
Version 06 xorcist6898 and dj_p155 work together to construct a staircase up to his house along with a basement. As they build the basement, dj_p155 discovers the new window and tile blocks added to the game. Shortly afterward, both players get kicked.
Consequences xorcist6898 asks Vivivern to log into his account. Vivivern does so, revealing that xorcist6898 has been banned for 31 days.
Reinsertion point xorcist6898 has been unbanned. As a result, the Hub is retextured to celebrate this occasion. xorcist6898 explores the temporarily-retextured Hub and encounters dev0. xorcist6898 leaves the Hub and returns to the Overworld.
Version 10 xorcist6898 crafts some torches and walks outside his house. We see his cobblestone bridge has been rebuilt. After crossing it, he encounters an iron door. He opens it with a lever and enters The Hub. Once inside, he finds bug_nation. xorcist6898 enters their iron door and finds himself in bug_nation's world; bug_nation follows suit.