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The AlphaVer website is an in-universe recreation of the AlphaVer website from 2011, created by a developer. is the URL of the AlphaVer website.



Apart from the Bug reports page, every page contains a message in the header:

Unable to connect to main servers.
Check if JavaScript support is enabled in your browser.
Try refreshing the page.


The home contains 4 images, some text, and a hidden message.



using new blocks.

Check out some of our players' builds here.

This is the only text where you don't see an image.


Ext16.05 brings you new items to help you survive, as well as difficulty enhancements for a harder experience.

This is the only text where the description is not a continuation of the title.


the world to see and uncover many new materials and events! Sky's the limit


with other players from all over the world via mysterious doors that may sometimes appear in the world!


new and horrifying creatures that will pose a challenge to even the best Minecraft players!


This is the following text found in the .footer element:

build number 727:5-31635

Hidden message

You can find the following message in the .footer element:

<!-- you expected to find something going through this code.... -->
<!-- instead you found nothing.... --> 
<!-- also, please stop analyzing joke images.... --> 

also, please stop analyzing joke images.... may be referring to many players continuously analyzing images found in PH2.rar.



img0 features a screenshot of presumably a Lilypad version at night. Upon increasing the brightness of the image, we can notice that there's text in the top left corner:
stop overanalysing
thanks to some of you breaking the sequence early
code 8 is lost
the next release will feature enhanced security


img1 features a screenshot of an iron door (the one with the bars instead of squares as the window) in an eerie environment at night. Also The crab nebula event is clearly Happening.


img2 features a screenshot of dropped items, a crafting table, a furnace, and a double chest. This is all found in a cobblestone house of some sort. The items on the ground are (from left to right):


img 3 features a screenshot of the player fighting a giant (Giant of NINONNA-PAHHIRUU), this is the only screenshot where we can see some part of the user interface. Also we can see a tiny bit of the crab nebula.


The download page just contains some text.



Reminder: this version is not to be disclosed; any recordings and/or screenshots outside of the bug tracker are prohibited.

Download the launcher here. It should automatically receive the latest updates. If not, install the update manually.

Manual download


It only says revision1.


The FAQ page contains answers to some questions, although vague, they might be helpful later.



A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) has been provided below for new or confused players.

Q: What platforms is Minecraft available on?

A: Currently, we support WIndows Vista and above. There are no official downloads for Apple and Linux systems yet.

Q: What is the Hub?

A: The Hub is an area that allows you to see other players. You can enter into other players' worlds through this. Do make sure to behave yourselves and not have too much fun with their worlds. As for how to access this? You will have to find out yourself...

Q: How do I report a bug?

A: Report any issues here at our official bug tracker.

Q: When will the next update be released?

A: When it is ready.


It only says revision1.

Bug Tracker

This page features the bug tracker that we saw in some Internal Footage videos, and we can actually see some of the bugs that people have submitted.

Main page

[#0849]: "Weird Thing"

[#0726]: "parts of the world rearrange themself"

[#0725]: "falling below bedrock BROKE MY WORLD!!!"

[#0724]: "Music doesnt play right"

[#0723]: "Chunk name generation bug"

[#0722]: "Hub Door spawns in illegal location"


Currently, this page leads you to a blank page.

Register (QA)

The Registration page contains the same things the old website did, a text field and a generate key button.

There is also some text related to why they use this method instead of email.



Due to the massive influx of new players, our registration email had become flooded, and was unable to generate keys at a reasonable rate. As such, we have provided an automatic key generator below. Simply enter your username here and input the resulting key into your launcher.


It only says revision1.


The Changelog page contains Lilypad _13's version changelog.



Ext16.05 version 13 [Lilypad]

Changes in this version:

  • List of texture changes
  • Added a Hunger Bar and sprint function
  • Each chunk now has its own designated region-name
  • Numerous new items and blocks added
  • Added Giants, our first proper bosses
  • Gave our night skies a fresh layer of paint
  • New music by [5]
  • Other minor fixes listed here


It says revision1, along with this symbol:

This is what the symbol looks like if you're device is unable to load it.
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