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Visuals are a feature that was first introduced in Alpha Cypress. They allow the player to change the textures of the game, being near identical in function to texture packs in modern Minecraft.

Main menu for 16.05_20_Cypress. Button for visuals is next to Extensions

List of included visuals

Name Description Unlock Requirement Notes
16.04 Extended Visuals Legacy visuals from 16.04 Survive 5 rounds on [ZM]Metsan Talo Unlocked upon reaching wave 6 of [ZM] Metsan Talo.
16.06 Visuals Autumn themed Visuals for 16.06 Finish SKYLINE in 38 seconds or less Despite being described as autumn-themed, nearly every texture is modified, with some not being autumn-themed.
Cavestyle A more classical look Finish CONSTRUCT in 24 seconds or less Resembles vanilla Minecraft Alpha graphics.
Extension Standard The standard design of Extension 16.05 Default visual Not found in the texture packs folder.
Irrigant Visuals from beyond the stars Acquire the Gray Gun in ZOMBIES The Essence Rifle can be upgraded to the Gray Gun for 16000 points on [ZM] Ruiner der Untoten.
Lettering A text-based set of visuals. Complete the Easter Egg on [ZM]Ruiner der Untoten Find the 6 hidden boxes on [ZM] Ruiner der Untoten.
Lucky8 Bite-sized visuals! Obtain 888 Essence with one use of the Essence Transformer Cuts the resolution of the textures in half.
Neon Neon Visuality for low-end computers Finish FINALE in 21 seconds or less Listed as Neo in the files.
Nostalgy A different take on the visuals. Shoot the Intruder on [ZM]Metsan Talo The Intruder is a Steve skin that appears for 1 second upon walking upstairs from the 2 block wide staircase and going into the room to the right.