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Version 10 is the tenth video on Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions YouTube channel.


"Very nice find, keep looking through that hard drive. I might have some old recordings of my own too, the work PCs were connected to something that captured video 24/7, don't remember what that was, but at one time we migrated to a larger hard drive, and I think I still have the one that was used before."

"Now, remember how ORBL mentioned a multiplayer area where you could go to different worlds? This is what we're looking at here."

"The idea was: these doors would spawn in your world, you would open them, and you would end up in a "hub area". This area was hosted on our servers, and other players who were there could see each other. You couldn't use chat, and it was not a bug, it was an actual decision to disable chat in this area for a "more interesting experience". The players we accepted into our tests however turned out to be smarter than the project leader expected and started building their Skype names out of blocks, and would communicate that way."

"The worlds you could go into from the hub world were actual worlds of players currently connected to our servers, by the way."

"do you remember why this feature was added?" "During recruitment we had a lot of "unauthorized" fun with the players' worlds, so we thought that "hey, why not give the players the same fun, too?". We pitched the idea to the project leader, and he went with it"

"Still, these doors shouldn't appear in your world if it can't connect to the hub world server. Why the hell do they show up when running this jar?"

"Anyway, I just hope we can find your friend. The fact that you two weren't on best terms doesn't help either..."



  • Armor icons are replaced
  • One can join the Hub by crafting a lever and opening a naturally spawned iron door.
    • There wasn't any sound when the player was doing the steps above.
  • Upon meeting bug_nation, they enter another door, and go to a different world.

Skype Chat

i mean, they didn't even let in the tests
i don't know what to think about it

The new textures do look cool though don't you think

one thing i'm confused about is these random doors you keep showing mean
even at an early stage they should have some kind of purpose
i'd try opening one of those doors somehow and going through it

I'll try

maybe that's what they added the lever for?
i don't remember it being in the normal version
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