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Version 07 is the seventh video on Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions YouTube channel.


Thankfully, we managed to find someone with more saved footage. We have yet to recover a jar of any of these versions, but looking at how fast we're progressing, it's only a matter of time.

"house tour on the new update! i like these new transparent blocks but i'm not a fan of the grass color, and i feel like these new mobs are out of place"



  • 0:05:45:
    • The heart texture is changed,
    • There is a new crosshair,
    • There is a new furnace texture,
    • A glass version of the tile block.
  • 0:08:21:
    • New block,
    • New furnace GUI
  • 0:10:05: X-rayish like tile block
  • 0:24:56: obstruction appears
  • 01:14:20: obstruction sends a chat message:
obstruction: 1 warned again 2 why?


Minecraft Alpha Version

Build date: 24 Oct 2010

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Your playtester ID (do not share): 78cd-f96d

Changes in this version:

  • List of texture changes
  • New GUI
  • Added 4 new blocks.
  • Security enhancements for shadow players
  • Fixed window block not letting light through (00657)
  • Various minor fixes listed here

Changes to textures are nearing completion. We would like to thank everyone who helped test our new version and reported bugs on the bug tracker.

23/08/2010: You all can't behave yourselves. The guidelines clearly state: "You may not distribute the provided software, incl. server software [_]". This rule alone had over 50 violations in the day of release alone when we started the multiplayer test. Because of this, we made the decision to remove the download links to the server software along with manual jar downloads. If you were kicked out of the game with the error message "Session unauthorized", this was the cause. 20/08/2010: The recruitment process works by selecting accounts automatically. [Please do NOT email us asking to let someone in, or to ask how the recruitment is carried out. These emails will be ignored.]

Reminder: this version is not to be disclosed anywhere. Sharing recordings and/or screenshots outside of the bug tracker is forbidden.

Your launcher should automatically receive new updates, but if it doesn't, please try installing manually.

Manual download [disabled, please use the launcher to update]

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