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Version 06 is the sixth video on Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions YouTube channel.


"Me and my friend build stairs and we try to make a basement too"

We found a few other players who also seem to remember this version, however we are still waiting for the player in the video to come forward.



  • 0:00:01: Inventory bar texture changed
  • 0:00:01: Blue and white flowers:
  • 05:25:54: A new grass block
  • 05:59:05: Stone drops a black rod item when mined
  • 06:34:45: A new tile block
  • 06:17:46: Start of dj_p155's AFK
  • 06:58:42: dj_p155 leaves the game (probably due to the same reason as what happens to xorcist6898)
  • 07:14:46: Iron doors appear
File:Iron doors.png
  • 07:14:48: Disconnected popup:
Account has been temporarily suspended from Online Play due to the following infraction of the guidelines:
Session unauthorized

Further infractions may lead to a permanent suspension.

ID: 2380-d8eb

Total warnings issued: 1


dj_p155: you sure you didn't mine it or something?
xorcist6898: Of course i didn't
xorcist6898: I have it recorded too
dj_p155: gonna give you the benifit of doubt here. Can you send me the recording?
xorcist6898: It's too big for skype unfortunately xorcist6898: I'd need to post it to youtube as private or something


Minecraft Alpha Version

Build date: 22 Oct 2010

Please log in here with your Minecraft account to enable the site content. (JavaScript must be enabled)

Login successful.

Your playtester ID (do not share): 2380-d8eb

Changes in this version:

  • List of all texture changes
  • Fixed a bug related to the new textures
  • Initial work on a new User Interface design
  • Enabled Multiplayer for testing purposes. Server software can be downloaded here. Please follow the guidelines while playing online.
  • Recruitment is now re-enabled. The technical difficulties have been fixed.
  • Fixed bugs regarding shadow players.
  • Minor fixes listed here

We would like to thank everyone who reported bugs on our bug tracker.

20/08/2010: The recruitment process works by selecting accounts automatically. [Please do NOT email us asking to let someone in, or to ask how the recruitment is carried out. These emails will be ignored.]

Reminder: this version is not to be disclosed anywhere. Sharing recordings and/or screenshots outside of the bug tracker is forbidden.

Your launcher should automatically receive new updates, but if it doesn't, please try installing manually.


  • The reason why both characters create a stairway down their base is due to being chastised by the community member EbolaGranola in previous uploads for not having a stairway down from their base, with her claiming that any strange occurrence in their world was caused by them not having said staircase.[1] Since then, the stair quality in videos has been ranked by her with (almost) every new upload[2], becoming a meme in the community.
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  2. Check literally any comment section on an AlphaVer video or community post.