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personal todo

  • reupload with the correct amount of durability points
  • not really personal, but get the admins to get and extension for tabs and the TemplateStyle extension
  • make pages for minor r4 things
  • add more to Essence (Item)
  • add the music discs vivivern plays to Music Discs or something

World 2

World 2 is a world included with Alpha Unr.Preview2 and Alpha Lilypad QA. The structure where the player spawns is a stone pad with walls made of stone and Scaffolding. East of the main structure at spawn, there is a small wooden canopy with a white and magenta cloth roof. The canopy contains an empty chest and a crafting table. North-west of spawn at the coordinates (insert coordinates), there is a very tall stone pillar.

The player spawns with (get the stats of all the items in the inventory) and on top of several stacks of (get specific items) The dropped items are only the Lilypad QA version of World 2.