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General Render Formatting

Have shading turned on

And are rendered in an isometric angle (isometric right (2:1) in blockbench)

  • get blockbench from here
  • make a new project with 16x16 block and put the texture you want on the sides (or just put a template project here instead)
  • go to settings>gege>gsgdg and disable anti aliasing then restart your blockbench
  • set the angle in the angles menu to isometric right (2:1)
  • right click the model workspace area and press "screenshot model" in the dropdown menu
    • or press ctrl+p and click save

Block render specifics

Block renders should have a resolution of 450x500, with a variance of 1 or 2 pixels (451x502 or 451x501 pixels)

Mob render specifics

Skin render formatting

solution of 256x256

Skin renders have a resolution of 427 × 703 pixels, arms are 5 degrees apart from the torso

Texture formatting

Textures with “AlphaVer” in their name use the most recent version of the texture available to use (Lilypad QA) //rewrite paragraph

Item formatting

Items have a resolution of 256x256

Name formatting

The version name the texture used in the file is appended to the front of the name, like “Preview Grass Block Render”