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The search is the third video on Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions YouTube channel.


Just like the previous videos, the date here is unknown as well. Shows two players trying to find the aforementioned entity, however they can't. Video could potentially prove that they're not present on a mismatched version.

"We try to find the thing from a previous video. We couldn't find it."


Chat Log


<xorcist6898> It might be
<xorcist6898> It is quite old
<xorcist6898> This is my save loaded right?
<dj_p155> yeah it is
<xorcist6898> With this fog
<xorcist6898> Can't find my house
<dj_p155> oh i see it
<xorcist6898> Okay lead me then
<dj_p155> alright,let's go
<xorcist6898> So this is where i saw the black thing
<dj_p155> uhuh, i see
<xorcist6898> And that's what we're looking for
<xorcist6898> I haven't shown you that video yet
<dj_p155> got it
<xorcist6898> But basically it's like
<xorcist6898> A black player sking
<xorcist6898> skin*
<dj_p155> so that's what we're looking for huh
<xorcist6898> Yeah
<dj_p155> idk man, we've been playing for what, hours
<xorcist6898> You wanna give up now?
<dj_p155> don't got a black shape anywhere
<xorcist6898> After all this shit we've done to
<xorcist6898> Block the update and all?
<xorcist6898> And the server setup?
<dj_p155> don't think so, really
<dj_p155> but i don't think we're getting anywhere
<xorcist6898> I mean there has to be something we're doing wrong
<dj_p155> maybe, it's our irst try on this
<dj_p155> first*
<xorcist6898> You set the fog to short like i told you
<dj_p155> yeah fog on short
<xorcist6898> Then i don't know anymore
<dj_p155> that's the tree right?
<xorcist6898> Yeah
<dj_p155> seems like a normal tree to me
<xorcist6898> But i don't want to give up after all this time
(CONSOLE: Stopping the server..)


>> server is open, you can join
<< did you stop the server?
>> yes


  • The footage is recorded on an actual lost version.[1]
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