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The Hub was a dimension on a separate server,[1], featured in several versions of the 16.05 branch.

Q: What is the Hub? A: The Hub is an area that allows you to see other players. You can enter into other players' worlds through this. Do make sure to behave yourselves and not have too much fun with their worlds. As for how to access this? You will have to find out yourself…


The Hub is a dimension that generates 3x3 hallways that branch into multiple paths, similar to a maze. These hallways were perpendicular and would sometimes have diagonal hallways or have dead-ends. These hallways were mainly comprised of Dimension Wall for walls and Tile Blocks for floors. Torches are placed on the top layer to keep the dimension lit up, and Quad Windows make up the middle layer to allow to see Greenscreen Blocks. These Greenscreen Blocks were found in multiple places, them being behind Quad Windows, as pillars in intersections, as walls in dead-ends, and as exterior walls.

Scattered around The Hub are Iron Doors, they usually appear in dead-ends and would have water flowing near them. On rare occasions, a set of ladders can be found in a dead-end that leads you to a sort of "exterior" area, they are located above the interior and are small bubbles of a miniature overworld made up of Fake Blocks and trees.


Player Worlds in 16.05 versions are all (presumably) connected online to a server, other players cannot directly connect to these worlds from the menu. Instead they can join The Hub through an Iron Door that naturally spawns and meetup in the dimension, they can now enter each others' Iron Doors to connect to their singleplayer worlds.

Other Versions

The Hub is known to have at least 2 earlier versions, the first is the Alternative Hub from Alpha and the Ash Dimension.





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