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Do NOT datamine the files to obtain codes. The gamerunners have made it clear that datamining will not be tolerated. Brute forcing the codes is extremely unlikely because each code is 80 characters not including the beginning number and colon. Each character can be any digit or letter, uppercase or lowercase. That is a total of 6280, or about 2.46 × 10143, possible codes for each file. You are near infinitely more likely to predict the exact way a deck of cards is shuffled than you are to guess a code. AlphaverEnjoyer (talk) 07:47, 21 November 2023 (GMT)Reply[reply]

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure the files will be decrypted legitimately, for the simple reason that that's the most efficient way to do so. You already described the issue with trying to brute force them, and the actual code for this program was probably made deliberately hard to understand, as that is also how the jar files were made datamine-proof. 18:37, 22 November 2023 (GMT)Reply[reply]