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Sunrise# (formerly just Sunrise (not to be confused with original Sunrise video)) is a non canonic joke video without number on the Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions YouTube channel.


No description exists.



  • An extended cut of Sunrise is shown. Chat reads as follows:
arg_man_scary joined the game.
[Server] make sure your internet doesn't take a shit while recording
[Server] would not be funny
[Server] night time approaching...
dev2 left the game.
dev2 joined the game.
<dev2> hope you're happy, samurai_2001
arg_man_scary joined the game.
<dev2> troll: DEPLOYED
<arg_man_scary> yes
  • An outtake of Home is shown. dev1 doesn't appear, prompting orble to say "goddamn it". Chat reads as follows:
<dev6> Hey, ORBL, sorry for the whole hassle you've had to go through recently
<dev6> with 0 and all that
<orble> is this about the whole trailer debacle?
<dev6> Yeah, primarily about that
<dev6> He even blamed you for it not being accepted
<orble> well i dont have anything against you but
<orble> if he wants to keep a good player base
<orble> maybe he should handle things better
<orble> goddamn it
  • A scary tutorial by orble gaming is shown. It seems to have been done while recording for Home. A transcript of the captions reads as follows:
hi guys orble gaming here 
today i have a tutorial on how to find recruiter alpahver
1. go to him
you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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