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For the April Fool's Day cut of the footage, see Sunrise (April Fools).

Sunrise is the twenty first video on the "Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions" YouTube channel.


Cut content(?)

"This was a rare event that [5] and [2] proposed once. [0], as per his policy, wanted them to justify its presence in the game besides cosmetic reasons, so they upped the difficulty."

"I am unsure if it made it into Lilypad, and I don't really want to check now, it takes too long for this event to normally appear"

"It's insensitive of some of you to impersonate someone who's not with us anymore."
"And hadn't been for a long while, [2] was the oldest person in the developer team"



  • The audio is "Sunrise at Denmark."
  • ~0:22: dev2's nametag is seen through blocks
  • 0:24:58: The moon looks strange; it looks like it has been shattered in half.
  • 0:50:34: The sun also looks strange—it appears to be the Crab Nebula from the paintings.
  • 0:50:34: An impostor of dev2 is seen next to an iron door.
  • 1:08:22: An impostor of dev2 says, "hope you're happy, samurai_2001."
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