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Splash texts are messages visible on the title screen. They are pulled randomly from a list, and reference various things.

Splash text Notes Version added
Yes! Alpha Preview
A Brave New Look! Possibly refers to the texture changes present. Alpha Preview
100% pure! Alpha Preview
Made on Java! Minecraft Alpha runs on Java. Alpha Preview
Better than Quake! Possible reference to Notch utilizing Quake in the past to deal with legal disputes. Alpha Preview
More cubes! Possibly refers to the newly added blocks. Alpha Preview
Knows where you live! Alpha Preview
MINECRAFT DEMO Possibly only used for QA builds. This text is hardcoded, and has been removed with Alpha Cypress. Alpha 13 Lilypad QA
(Stay tuned for more) A dare for the player to await more AlphaVer content. Possibly only used for QA builds. This text is hardcoded, and has been removed with Alpha Cypress. Alpha 13 Lilypad QA
Mine deep. This you will not smelt. Reference to Brutal Orchestra, specifically Osman Sinnoks and the dialogue before his battle: "Breathe deep. This you will not forget.", modified to have Minecraft terms instead. Alpha Cypress
... Alpha Cypress
This splash text is empty. It doesn't actually go used, due to the game being programmed to skip over entries which are empty. Alpha Cypress
Your personal storyteller! Possibly a reference to Kataribesou, where dj_p155's skin design originates from. Storyteller in Japanese is "Katarite" Alpha Cypress
Creepin' Creepy Creepers Alpha Cypress
o diable... Polish for "the devil". Possible reference to memes such as this. Alpha Cypress
Will replace arcades! Alpha Cypress
Highly Responsive to Players! Reference to the first Touhou game, Highly Responsive to Prayers. Alpha Cypress
:wq This is the write and exit command for the text editor Vim. Alpha Cypress
Paul Minetreides Reference to the Dune franchise, Paul Atreides being the name of a character, modified here for a pun on the game title. Alpha Cypress
Thou shalt pass! Possible reference to Lord of the Rings, specifically this scene. Alpha Cypress
Mine & Craft The pun in the game title, since you mine and craft. Alpha Cypress
Order of the Rock Reference to the unused subtitle of Minecraft, "Order of the Stone". Alpha Cypress
Set in the world of Rubydung! Rubydung was the game Notch was working on before cancelling it. AlphaVer also makes various references to Rubydung. Alpha Cypress
.... . .-.. .-.. --- -.-.-- "Hello!" in morse code. Alpha Cypress
Mind over Matter! A proverb which states that willpower alone can overcome a physical problem. Alpha Cypress
Could be a Roguelike! Alpha Cypress
Oh, Shiny! Alpha Cypress
From the Secret Garden of the Shrine! Reference to the Shrine of Worship from Shadow of the Colossus. Alpha Cypress
Heroes, Heroines, Celestial Warriors! The name of a song made by Bull Of Heaven. Alpha Cypress
A Block In Which A Creeper Lives And Gnaws! The name of a song made by Bull Of Heaven, modified to fit into Minecraft terms. Alpha Cypress
One Ore to Rule them All. Reference to Lord of the Rings, being part of the inscription on the One Ring, modified to fit into Minecraft terms. Alpha Cypress
It's Quality of Life We're talking about here! Reference to BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light's prolouge. Alpha Cypress
How? Alpha Cypress
Block Sabbath Reference to the defunct band Black Sabbath, modified to fit into Minecraft terms. Alpha Cypress
I teleported bread! Reference to an official Team Fortress 2 short, Expiration Date. Alpha Cypress
<(*_*)> Alpha Cypress
Made with some foreign characters Possible reference to the Haizascript alphabet made during the Dev Raid Incident. Alpha Cypress
*Blows up pancakes with mind* Reference to this meme. Alpha Cypress
Cyclone! Reference to Freedom Planet, specifically a line from the character Sash Lilac. Alpha Cypress
Don't go into the woods at night! Reference to Night in the Woods. Alpha Cypress
Fastest thing alive! Reference to Sonic the Hedgehog, added in reference to an AlphaVer OC. Alpha Cypress
Doesn't exist! Alpha Cypress
An ultimate weapon! Reference to Hong Kong 97. Alpha Cypress
You're going into orbit! Reference to Garfielf by PilotRedSun. Alpha Cypress
Not on the radio! Alpha Cypress
You can be a saint! Reference to Grinch's ultimatum by PilotRedSun. Alpha Cypress
Holding onto anything at the end of everything! Reference to the tagline of Night in the Woods, seen on the game's website and other sources. Alpha Cypress
Send us your floppy! Reference to Hong Kong 97. Alpha Cypress
Not your relative "Chin"! Reference to Hong Kong 97. Alpha Cypress
Everything sucks forever! Reference to Night in the Woods, seen in the game's Kickstarter trailer (0:19). Alpha Cypress
I want 5 character = 1000$ Alpha Cypress
Hello, Risugami! Risugami's ModLoader is implemented into Alpha Cypress, and also was very often used to mod Minecraft in its earlier days. Alpha Cypress
Smooth jazz! Alpha Cypress
Pianos are nice. Alpha Cypress
*steals your diamonds and leaves* Alpha Cypress
One sandwich coming up! Alpha Cypress
Why?-... Why are there... Reference to the infamous Video 4 from Video Collection. Alpha Cypress
Ailuride roam your location. Alpha Cypress
Send the squids! Reference to a video found in content2.rar (which itself is a reference to this). Alpha Cypress
Good morning! Alpha Cypress
We hope you're doing alright. Alpha Cypress
golf Alpha Cypress
Surplus to Requirement. The name of this track from Dialtown. Alpha Cypress
OMELETTE.EXE Reference to Dialtown's Dietown route. Alpha Cypress