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Sightings are events when a shadow player or one of the developers is spotted on a multiplayer server or on some media platform. The following is a list of sightings that were confirmed to be valid.


Discord servers

NOTE: All sightings inside discord servers after the Dev Raid may not contain any viable information. This note will be removed when the list is filtered to contain only sightings that are of any importance to the lore.

UPD: Due to the sheer amount of data to be processed and several statements from the gamerunners, it is currently considered that none of the discord sightings are of importance to the lore, however the research still might still reveal information, e.g. about the freelancer dev.

  • 8.10.2022 - The Dev Raid incident - RGNCord
  • 27.11.2022 - 'plural, abd3-013f, Branchbot, LOVE - AWD
  • 6.01.2023 - 'plural - AWD
  • 10.01.2023 - LOVE - AWD
  • 13.01.2023 - Branchbot - AWD
  • 21.01.2023 - Branchbot - AWD
  • 23.01.2023 - 'plural - AWD
  • 3.02.2023 - 'plural - AWD
  • 9.02.2023 - 'plural, abd3-013f - AWD
  • 16.02.2023 - 'plural - AWD

It's also worth to be noted that there were numerous chats between gamerunners and individual members of the community. The materials that were allowed to be disclosed are to be gathered on the DM Sightings page.