Sighting 8

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The 8th sighting. An invisible player called 'direction' sent some messages on a private multiplayer server on version Alpha [UNR.PREVIEW2].

Reported on Nov 22th, 2021 by Danothegreat & Oceanharte.

Chat Log

Chat texts
Sighting 8 chat texts
<direction> 1 timedoublesdounonitself
[Server] HOLD IT
<direction> 2 differingloopgraysky
<Danothegreat> oh hello!
<direction> 3 atalaterdate
<direction> 4 asequenceyoumayneedfromthin
<Danothegreat> oh sure
<Oceanharte> back
<Oceanharte> misse0
<Oceanharte> ok what
<Danothegreat> wb we have a friend
<Danothegreat> or had? i can never tell
<Oceanharte> bruh
[Server] just as i was about to leave lmao
[Server] no they're still there
<Oceanharte> the fucking troll of the guy
<direction> 5 containerstellahint

The sentences (corrected)

The invisible player called 'direction' sent the following sentences:

  • 1 - Time doubles down on itself.
  • 2 - Differing Loop gray sky.
  • 3 - At a later date.
  • 4 - A sequence you may need from thin.
  • 5 - Containers tell a hint.