Sighting 6

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Events (from the video's description)

  • 0:26 "construction" joins
  • 1:26 "construction" moves out of frame
  • 2:54 "construction" *constructs* a solid stone cage around the character, blocking the view
  • == The next few occurrences happened while the view was blocked ==
  • 4:41 "construction" speaks for the first time
  • 6:45 "construction" speaks again
  • 8:50 "construction" presumably begins *constructing* the strange staircase
  • 10:22 "construction" builds out of frame
  • 16:19 "construction" returns
  • 28:25 "0000-0000" destroys the stone cage, restoring the view
  • == The rest of the occurrences are visible ==
  • 29:00 strange player (probably "0000-0000") appears with a steve skin, but his nick isn't visible
  • 29:14 "construction" speaks for the third time
  • 31:12 "obstruction" joins
  • 31:42 "obstruction" speaks to "construction"
  • 31:49 "construction" leaves
  • 31:56 "obstruction" speaks again
  • 33:10 "obstruction" speaks once more
  • 33:27 "obstruction" leaves
  • 35:55 The first witness on scene joins the game

Chat Log

[ClientConnectionEntry] Attempt to read unregistered client (construction joins)
<construction> 1 :)
<construction> 2 proceed
<construction> 3 thestaircasetoknowledge (the staircase to knowledge)
[ClientConnectionEntry] Attempt to read unregistered client (obstruction joins)
<obstruction> 1 longtimenosee (long time no see)
<construction> 4 :(
 left (construction leaves)
<obstruction> 2 wasit10yearsalready? (was it 10 years already?)
<obstruction> 3 ihavetogonow (i have to go now)
 left (obstruction leaves)
Oceanharte joined the game.
<Oceanharte> WHAT THE FUCK

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