Sighting 2

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The 2nd sighting of <> that happened on a private server on version Alpha [UNR.PREVIEW2].

Recorded by N47han on Nov 4th, 2021.

Chat Log

N47han joined the game.
<N47han> hello?
<> ???
<N47han> are you that question mark guy from a couple days ago?
<> ???
<N47han> are you a recruiter?
<> ??
cntrpl joined the game.
<> we were like this.
<cntrpl> arrived just in time i see
<N47han> ye
<> encircled.
<N47han> encircled?
<> yes.
<cntrpl> aaah i get it now
<N47han> woahj
<cntrpl> he gone
<N47han> hmm
<N47han> what else to ask
<N47han> oh wait
<N47han> he left
<cntrpl> thought he just teleported away
<N47han> no hes back
<> not.
<cntrpl> not what
<N47han> he's blocking my wip basement up
<N47han> xd
<cntrpl> you mean the door glitch?
<N47han> no he's placing stone over my basement stairs
<> not further.
<cntrpl> okay yeah then
<N47han> and he blocked the day 1 mine entrance
<N47han> does something hide in the underground?
<cntrpl> potentially?
<N47han> they left again
<cntrpl> left or teleported?
<N47han> left, i checked the server log
<cntrpl> aah
<N47han> might come back again tho
<N47han> pretty interesting he reacted to kollin's circle tower
<cntrpl> do you get some kind of ip adress when he joins?
<cntrpl> b3cause i know that's what haappens on a normal server
<N47han> there are no join messages
<N47han> only disconnect messages
<cntrpl> aah
<cntrpl> weird
<N47han> ye