Sighting 12

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The 12th sighting. During an online session on a multiplayer server on version Alpha [UNR.PREVIEW2], a dev called '0000-0005' appeared, and each person on the chat got to ask him one question.

This happened on Apr 21th, 2022.

The community members that participated were:

  • dottych
  • Hypah
  • N47han
  • RetroGamingNow
  • Sh4rpz
    Sighting 12 Chat
    Sighting 12 Chat

Questions (Transcripted)

Q: What is code 8? (dottych) A: You will have to find about code 8 when the right time comes.

Q: When did this [RD] project got cancelled? (Sh4rpz) A: [RD] was never cancelled.

Q: What does 'ph' stand for? (Hypah) A: Project Handle.

Q: What is the connection between Java versions and Pocket Edition? (RetroGamingNow) A: Malevolent architeture.