Sighting 11

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The 11th sighting. An Invisible player called 'prophecy' was seen and sent some messages on a private multiplayer server on version Alpha [UNR.PREVIEW2].

Reported on Jan 14th, 2022 by dottych & N47han.

Chat Log

<dottych> t
[ClientConnectionEntry] Attempt to read unregistered client
<prophecy> :(
<prophecy> nofilmingonthepremises
<prophecy> thataside
<prophecy> anoldmemorywillberevisitedsoon :)
<prophecy> await
<prophecy> :O

The sentences (corrected)

The invisible player called 'prophecy' sent the following sentences:

  • 1 - No filming on the premises
  • 2 - That aside
  • 3 - An old memory will be revisited soon :)
  • 4 - Await