Sighting 1

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Chat Log

Instance #1

mcalpha1: its obstruction 2.0
desecration: 1youmadeitworkdidyou
N47han: yes
Oceanharte: yeah
Oceanharte: somehow
desecration: 2welliguessican'tdomuch
N47han: why not
<>: 3technicallyyoui'renotbreakinganythingso
<>: 4mightaswellletyou be
<>: farewell
<> left

Instance #2

<>: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
N47han: hello?
<>: ??????????????????????????
N47han: u ok bro?
<>: ???????????
<>: ??
N47han: what are u confused about?
<>: ????????
<>: ??????????????????
N47han: is this a code
<>: ??

Instance #3

Note: < > and <> are different players.

cntrpl: okay funnyman, from now on ??? from you will mean yes, ?? will be no
cntrpl: say ???? if you agree
<>: ????
N47han: if that actually works
N47han: omg
< >: lol
Oceanharte:: it done did work
Oceanharte: ight now monseihr
Oceanharte: you been there before? in the game?
<>: ???
Oceanharte: damn.
Oceanharte: so uh
Oceanharte: yall gonna try questions?
N47han left the game.
Oceanharte: well uh
Oceanharte: yeah
Oceanharte: uhh
Oceanharte: what in the hell do i ask
< > left the game.
cntrpl: do you see what you type as question marks?
<>: ??
Oceanharte: interesting
Oceanharte: have you seen other players, aside from us?
<>: ???

Instance #4

Oceanharte: huh
Oceanharte: odd
cntrpl: okay
Oceanharte: interesting
cntrpl: so that's
cntrpl: explained
cntrpl: i guess
Oceanharte: yeah ig
cntrpl: so are you the one running the channel?
<>: ??
<>: ???
Oceanharte: fuck it.
Oceanharte: a hosue,
Oceanharte: in the middle of ice.
mcalpha1 joined the game.
mcalpha1 left the game.
Oceanharte: bruh
<>: 77616C6B2075706F6E20646572656C69637468616C6C73[1]
Oceanharte: what the fuck
Oceanharte: lemme screenshot


  1. Translates to walk upon derelicthalls