Security Flaw

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Security Flaw is the 30th episode on the "Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions" YouTube channel.


"The video has been recovered from an archived thread of an invite-only gaming forum. This security gap has not been an issue before, nor after its discovery, as the original forum post detailing it has been taken down swiftly and didn't recieve much spread. We were not aware that the video was archived, but it never grew to be a major problem, at least from what i've seen"


xnull0cod4 (Known as xX-NULL-COD4HDX in Call of Duty and xX-NULL-LAN in LogMeIn Hamachi)
x_one1_x (Known as Xx-oNE1-COD4HDx in Call of Duty and ONECOD4 in LogMeIn Hamachi)
ChivesLover (One of the players on the server the two "recruiters" connect to)
Trintalogy (One of the players on the server the two "recruiters" connect to)
Vivivern (Seen offline in the LogMeIn Hamachi chat group)

Hamachi chat

<< okay i'm gonna host
>> hell yea
>> ok now that the house is epic
>> check this
>> so close the game
>> go to the launcher
<< okay let's see this
>> type in dev2 somewhere there
<< username?
>> and just. no password just login
>> trust me its so cool
>> uh dev 2
>> no space
<< it says i logged in
<< wtfffff
>> this isnt even the craziest stuf
>> open a world and open up the cheat console ok
<< I'M IN
>> and type like
>> uhh
<< oh there's more???
>> "connect rcl:random" i think that was the command
>> its insane
<< let's see this
<< dude do these guys see me?
>> ofc lulz
>>  o k so now give me the number in your title bar
>> so i'll get on with you lmao
<< it's
<< 9b782c0a
>> going.
<< where you at??
>> uh under some tree
>> 288 73 13
>> can't see shit
>> icu
<< come to this town area these guys got
<< they just left lmaoo
>> damn loool
>> wwww
>> lets build some shit
>> and let them shit over that
>> how 'bout that
<< THAT YOU???
<< okay i got an idea
>> go
<< we gonn build something here
<< and when they come back
<< they gonn shit themself
>> just as i said www
<< okay let's fuckn do this here
>> yeah sure
>> lolololol
<< imma build our clantag
>> hella
>> wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
<< amazing
<< imagine them coming back to see this shid
<< they might be coming go with me
>> this'll be so fucking subarashi
<< we gonn watch their reaction
>> hell yeah
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