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</infobox> Samurai_2001 is a minor character seen in AlphaVer and is a Playtester for the 16.05 branch.


Samurai_2001 at some point got accepted into the tests for the 16.05 branch; however, not much information is known about him.

Videos Recorded

Also seen in


Internal footage 1 Samurai_2001 logs into a world whilst a developer was online, they quickly disconnect.
Sunrise Samurai_2001 travels up to the top of his house, to watch the moon set, he turns around to see the sun rise, but instead sees a rare Crab Nebula event, along with dev2 in front of him and says "hope your happy, samurai_2001", he supposedly disconnects.
Version 13 Samurai_2001 roams around at night hunting mobs and kills a Giant, before returning to his house.