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The Safe, also known as a "Safe Block" or "Input Block", is a block added in Alpha Lilypad QA.



This block is obtainable only through the cheats mechanic (ID is 120), and cannot be obtained with the palette.

With the removal of numpad cheats in Alpha Cypress, this block can no longer be obtained without inventory editors.


This block was meant to be used to get passwords for PH1 and PH2 archives, which are included in Alpha Lilypad QA's jar file.

Input Codes

  • Code 0: 9b4c383a911ec
  • Code 1: b7c21f611ea08
  • Code 2: f69d58d25d950
  • Code 3: 165817b59befd
  • Code 4: ef2978f01bf07
  • Code 5: lost[1]
  • Code 6: ee16f45ea4d60
  • Code 7: 4d0feb521f160

Output Codes

  • After inputting codes 0-4: ab99d76f9a4c41a0f3591b122bbc985c (password to PH1.rar)
  • After inputting all 8 codes: c74329a1eef811c3affedba7645099d10c0f6441b78f73a893ccb405abe319ab (password to PH2.rar)[citation needed]


16.05 Branch
Alpha Lilypad QA The Safe was added
Alpha Cypress The Safe no longer has functionality




  1. Code 5 is lost due to the community cracking the PH2.rar file by extracting the password directly from the Lilypad QA source code. See img0 section at Website snapshot from 29.06.2022