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The following is a complete list of things added/changed by Rosepad[1] as of commit dc0a478[2]:

  • Added 43343138 and Estonian Reliquary music discs
  • Added ability to bypass the QA code generation
  • Added ability to change palette behaviour in terms of item amount and the way items are given to the player
  • Added ability to drop items from the inventory GUI
  • Added ability to hide QA watermark
  • Added ability to hide chunk names
  • Added ability to hide the HUD
  • Added ability to deal damage and kill mobs
  • Added ability to offset head's texture by X and Y axes
  • Added ability to remap the dash
  • Added ability to remap the palette
  • Added ability to type letter V on signs
  • Added ability to use system's clipboard
  • Added debug menu (F3)
  • Added item tooltips
  • Added modern skin system support
  • Added palette search
  • Added server list
  • Added UI scaling
  • Added ULPP authentication support
  • Added whitelists
  • Altered class loading for faster and more stable startup
  • Fixed a vulnerability that allowed users to change their playerdata file location server-side
  • Fixed block rendering bugs
  • Fixed doors
  • Fixed fence hitboxes
  • Fixed font renderer
  • Fixed illegal item crash
  • Fixed rail crash
  • Fixed obsidian pickaxe being unable to break obsidian
  • Fixed timeout not kicking from the server
  • Fixed too quick timeout
  • Fixed safe block bug
  • Fixed the unicode character crash
  • Fixed the username crash
  • Fixed ULPP sending the wrong host info
  • Fixed WorldRenderers sorting (aka the NOT THIS TIME TIMOTHY message)
  • Optimized the alpha codebase and networking