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Rosepad is a modified Client and Server for Alpha Lilypad QA, that provides a custom modding API called RML[1] (Rosepad Mod Library). The following guides will help you in making your own mod using the Gradle build system.

Environment preparation


  1. Java Development Kit version 8
  2. IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse IDE
  3. Knowledge of Java programming language
  4. Gradle[2] installation


  1. Create a new folder for your mod
  2. In the folder run gradle init
  3. Choose a basic installation with Groovy
  4. Modify the following files:


plugins {
    id 'java-library' //to allow the use of api() Gradle function

repositories {
    // Use Maven Central for resolving RML dependencies.
    maven {
        urls ''

dependencies {
    api 'com.github.RosepadMC:RML:-SNAPSHOT'


// This goes after the line
include 'RML'


name = "Example mod"
id[3] = "examplemod"
description = "An example RML mod"
author = "dev0"
version = "1.0.0"
url = ""

both[4] = "examplemod.ExampleMod"

minecraft[6] = ""


NOTE: RML is not complete yet. Due to that, this section will provide several simple tips on RML rather than guide you on how to make a mod

  • The main class of your mod should extend RosepadMod.
  • Any interaction with game's content should be made via the static fields and methods of class Game.
  • Block, Item, Entity and Material classes are inline classes of their respective registries.
  • Any registry when trying to get an object from it, will throw NoSuchElementException if such object does not exist in the registry.
  • If you want to add/tweak mod loader logic, extend RosepadLoaderExtension.


  1. RML's GitHub page
  3. Mod ID should not have spaces
  4. This defines the main class of the mod. Replace both with client or server to define the main class for a certain environment
  5. Dependencies are defined in a format of modid = "version"
  6. This defines the version of Rosepad the user must have to run the mod. Currently RML is implemented only in developer builds of Rosepad.