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Reinsertion point is the twenty-fourth video on Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions YouTube channel.


Date and time unknown, however the year is definitely 2010. Source of the video may be [xorcist6898] or an affilated [sic] player. Now that some of them are with us, we have uncovered much more than we could have done initially.

"Even the 'modern', latest iteration of the Hub went through numerous changes in textures - and some of them were there for more 'special' occasions - such as player unsuspension and recruitment. This particular kind of look was reserved for all of those aforementioned categories of players, and couldn't generate in the 'normal' Hub. Unlike the normal Hub, [0] insisted it have a single 'External' image, unlike the multiple interchanging ones in the main Hub sections, which was probably one of the few decisions where everyone agreed with him."

"That reminds me, before the release of Version 10, [0] insisted to get various players who were not on the tests officially and only got to play them through unauthorized multiplayer sessions into the testing process itself, saying that they've already seen the game - to which [2] argued that they should unsuspend the hosts of those servers too, to which, surprisingly, [0] agreed."

"Now, I'm not making any promises, but I think I've found a trace of one other .jar file. I can't guarantee anything, but if I find it - when I get to look for it at all - I should be able to provide probably the most complete version remaining"

"We can only hope [0] doesn't check whoever accesses the old office"



  • The video is recorded on Alpha, which was never mentioned before.
  • Several textures are altered and new blocks can be seen, such as the walls of the alternative Hub, logs and leaves of some new kind of trees(?).
  • 0:00: Player watches a recording of Shadow of the Colossus, titled "SotC worm (17) fight"
  • 0:06: Player gets unsuspended.
  • 0:14: Player loads into the alternative Hub.
  • 1:05: dev0 passes by.
  • 1:22: Player enters an Iron Door and loads into a world from Unknown version.
  • 1:52: View distance gets reduced without the chunks getting reloaded.

Hamachi chat log transcript

>> They added like a
>> Fortress mode
>> I have noone to play it with
<< waiting until it goes on sale if anything
<< the cracked version doesn't have a dedica[...]
>> Okay so until then
>> Why don't we try like
>> Dwarf fortress
<< if it had multiplayer, sure
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