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Recruiters, also known as Shadow Players, were users tasked with recruiting players for the purposes of testing versions of the branch.


As per the Recruitment Program, the recruiters were instructed to enter the worlds of other players within the 1.0.16_02 version of Minecraft, presumably using a piece of software only known as the recruitment client to do so. A few of their guidelines documented from Internal footage 1 were as follows:

Recruiter Guidelines
"1. The recruitment client MUST be set to version 10.0.16_02. If you set it to anything else, you won't be able to find any candidates and you will be wasting your time."
"2. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT run the recruitment client on the development branch. This feature is currently prototyping phase and will be available once that is over."
"3. Do not let your player character be discovered in-game. If you do, signal it to management and do not attempt to take down any images that make their way onto the Internet. Leave that work to management."
"4. The candidate needs to be:

-an active player
- a player who uses a variety of content from the game"

Known Sightings of Recruiters


obstruction was seen in Version 07. They were invisible except for their nametag. They could not be attacked.


information recorded Presentation. They seem to be a developer, as the description is referring to "us".

Sighted Unnamed Recruiters

An unnamed player was seen in Entry point.

An empty player joined in Version 03.

An "[Invasion Player]" was mentioned in the description of Unknown version.

Alpha Cypress

Recruiters may appear in your world with a space as their username, they can also be spawned using the console command impulse 300.

Contemporary In-Game Sightings of Recruiters

13 in-game sightings occurred on the now defunct Unr.Preview2 server from November 2nd, 2021 to May 26th, 2022. During these sightings, several important discoveries were made about the 16.05 branch, but the meaning of some messages is still unclear.


A sighting of a "shadow player" from Entry point.