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xorcist6898 recorded the following videos:

Their operating system is Windows XP.

Their Skype username is LORD_OF_THE_FLIES.1998.


dj_p155 recorded the video Attempt to run today.

They were seen in:

Their Skype username is Jose.gonzales.210.

Their Discord username is: dj155.


Samurai_2001 was briefly seen in Internal footage 1.

They were probably recording Version 13 and Sunrise.

Could be xorcist6898, because of skin similarity between Version 06 and Version 13 and desktop wallpaper similarity between Version 13 and Sunrise[1].


ORBL was seen in Attempt to run today and Presentation.

They recorded the videos Version 07 and Home.

Their operating system is Windows 7.

Their Discord username is ORBL.



MachineRage was seen in Attempt to run today, they talk as if they were a developer. Likely dev6.


bug_nation was seen in Version 10 in the hub.

Red shirt

Red Shirt recorded Closed preview.

Red body

Red Body were seen in Closed preview.


  1. See this discord message, if you're a member of RetroGamingNow Discord. See this image otherwise.