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orble, also known as ORBL is one of the major characters seen in AlphaVer and was a Playtester and known investigator on the 16.05 branch. They might also have connections with the developers.


orble was a playtester that got accepted into the tests for the 16.05 branch. While not much information is known about orble's past with the playtesting sessions or even after the branch ended, though he might have connections with the developers. He would begin investigating 16.05 years later with a small group in search for the lost versions' .jar files.

Videos Recorded


Version 07 orble gives a small house tour on his base he built in his world, but as he does, he notices an invisible player roaming around. orble tries to attack the figure. It then tells him: "1 warned again 2 why?". orble quickly disconnects soon after.
Presentation orble logs into his world to find out that an unknown player was in his world. orble recognizes the fact that it is a developer running the account, and tells them that he told dev0 that they can't use his world.
Home orble seems to have started a new world, while in the process of deciding on a painting to place down in his house, dev6 seemingly appears behind him outside, apologizing to orble about the whole trailer fiasco, on behalf of dev0, who even blamed orble for it not being accepted. orble tells him that "he has nothing against him, but if he wants to keep a player base, he needs to handle things better". dev1 then joins, along with the message "6 what the actual fuck", with him jumping down orble's roof. orble says "goodbye" and presumably leaves.
Attempt to run today orble, dj_p155, & MachineRage are in a group DM on Discord, when orble finds a jar of the Alpha version. dj_p155 tries out the version, however, they soon find out that the game lags whenever an Iron Door is in view. The game then crashes after 3 Iron Doors are viewed. dj_p155 then receives a message saying that he's "Unable to connect to main servers.". This surprises MachineRage, due to Iron Doors not normally spawning if the servers cannot be reached.
  1. From Version 07.