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OST Bandcamp

Enjoy the music? Visit the Ext16.05 Bandcamp Page to obtain an album and support the Dev Team, as well as listen to a couple bonus tracks.

The webseries creators have released 4 albums as of December 2023.

Ext16​.​05 Original Soundtrack VOL​.​1[1]

Released May 23, 2023. Tracklist:

  1. R.O.S.T.R.U.M
  2. Norway
  3. Sadway
  4. Pattern Ponder
  5. Ballroom Pianist
  6. Moon 2
  7. Nordic Sanctuary
  8. Hidden Den
  9. Faux-Divinity
  10. Lemuria

Ext16​.​05 Original Soundtrack VOL​.​2[2]

Released May 23, 2023. Tracklist:

  1. Suomalainen Kehtolaulu
  2. 43343138
  3. Estonian Reliquary
  4. Before the Storm
  5. Denmark
  6. Sunrise at Denmark
  7. Factorial
  8. Great Threat

Ext16​.​05 Original Soundtrack BONUS TRACKS[3]

Released May 23, 2023. Tracklist:

  1. Autumnal Authority
  2. Presentation
  3. Sandcastles
  4. K2
  5. Downbeat Uplink
  6. Nexus

Ext16​.​05 Original Soundtrack VOL​.​3[4]

Released December 1, 2023. Tracklist:

  1. Branches Cycling
  2. Isometry
  3. Clouded City
  4. Counting Grains of Sand
  5. Smokestacks Lullaby
  6. Tear Monoliths
  7. Glistening Tomorrows
  8. Stuttering
  9. Frozen Mushrooms
  10. Stahlvogel
  11. Synesthetic Rodents
  12. Coral Rifts
  13. Reflected Sapphire
  14. Euclidean
  15. Last Autumn
  16. Dongbaekkot
  17. The Moon that Glows as the Sun
  18. Jericho Nazareth Junction
  19. Starless Bethlehem
  20. Perfected Monastery
  21. Condemned
  22. GyldeanSverd
  23. Rokkubitoru Tune
  24. Desambrier
  25. Juhry
  26. Morchella
  27. Quetzalcoatl Arrives.
  28. A Million Limbs Led Astray
  29. Together We Stand As One

OST Analysis

OST Volume 1

OST Album cover
Back of the OST album cover

Download OST.rar[5]

File comment:

RELEASED: ??/??/2010
Full tracklist in album_cover_back.png

7: 4d0feb521f160


1. R.O.S.T.R.U.M.


2. Norway

3. Sadway


4. Pattern Ponder

5. Ballroom Pianist

6. Moon 2 (Fjord)

7. Nordic Sanctuary

8. Hidden Den

Main article for Hidden Den and Lemuria (they play when a music disc is used): Music Discs.

9. Faux-Divinity (-fauxdivinity)

10. Lemuria

lost continent

OST Volume 2

Album cover
Back of the album cover
Album cover that "doesn't fit the songs"

Download OST_2.7z[6]

File comment:

"[3] contacted me with the news of having found the second soundtrack album, and requested me to share it, censoring her personal information just like the last time"

"Oh, she also sent this: an album cover that [5] quoted as "not fitting the songs"

File password is: 152463[7].


1. Suomalainen Kehtolaulu

Composer's Note: This track was highly experimental, and was supposed to be played on a record that would be given to the player at the start of the game, almost like a medley, although now that was never implemented, so it works like any other record track, though the length never changed


2. 43343138

Composer's Note: Not much to say about this particular track, aside from it being one of the first i made for the project. One of the closest to main branch's composer too.

3. Estonian Reliquary

Composer's Note: This track is inspired by S##### ## ### ########, as it was the first thing that came to my mind after i was told to compose a track for a "barren place". Turns out, [5] forgot to tell me the Low River was subterranean.

4. Before The Storm (Petrichor)

Composer's Note: This track was inspired by Mojang's early concepts for the game's audio. I thought the ideas were quite interesting, and tried to implement them here.

5. Denmark

Composer's Note: I was always proud of this track. It reminds me of home.

6. Sunrise at Denmark

Composer's Note: "With powerful slowness"...What a great quote. It really fit the event.

7. Factorial

Composer's Note: This track, which plays on one of the records, has a teaser of one of the mobs which we added. I was specifically requested to add this by [0]

8. Great Threat

Composer's Note: This track was supposed to be an alternative to Faux-Divinity. That's about it really.



MachineRage — Today at 9:17
That logo on the OST albums we had? Yeah, it was ours. I thought that was pretty obvious though, so your question really caught me
offguard. We planned to use it alongside Mojang's logo upon a full-public release, but as you know, that never happened. 




  • The font used on OST 1's cover is UD Digi Kyokasho N-R
  • The font used on OST 2's cover is UD Digi Kyokasho N-B
  • 43343138 means C418 in hex.