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Music discs are items that play music once put into a jukebox. All vanilla music discs have been replaced. replaced by Hidden Den and Lemuria.


Name Description
Hidden Den Muffled, ambient warbling not unlike whale calls.
Lemuria A distorted synth horn playing over sluggish, heavy percussion.
Downbeat Uplink Dark pads play over a slow, low-fidelity breakbeat.
Sandcastles An upbeat synth loop plays over a dance beat.
K2 Slow synth arpeggios over layers of soft pads and bells
Desambrier A slow acid-synth song.
Juhry Staccato chiptune percussion with bells on top. A sampled overdriven guitar plays in the second half.
Gyldan Sverd Somber synthwave strings, almost orchestral in its sound.


All music discs can only be obtained with cheats and the palette.




  • The music disk "Lemuria" is named after Lemuria, a speculated sunken land mass proposed in the 1860s.
  • "Gyldan" is an alternate form of Old English "yẹ̄lden", which means "to reward" or "to give up"[1], while "sverd" is Norwegian for "sword."[2]