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MachineRage is a minor character seen in AlphaVer. They are likely dev6, as in the video Relief, it begins saying 6 here, and then 6 proceeds to type the username, "MachineRage2046" into Decraft launcher.



Not much information is known about MachineRage's past or who they are. However, it is likely that MachineRage is dev6, due to their knowledge with how the 16.05 branch operates and their appearance in Relief.


Attempt to run today MachineRage, dj_p155, & ORBL are in a group DM on Discord when ORBL finds a jar for a lost version for Alpha dj_p155 tries out the version, however they soon find out that the game lags whenever an Iron Door is in view. The game crashes after dj_p155 views three of the Iron Doors. After the crash an error pops up which says "Unable to connect to main servers.", which surprises MachineRage.
Relief MachineRage logs into R4, and builds. However, there are parts of a QR code, that, when combined, provides a magnet link for Cypress. The video also starts with text saying, "Hello again. 6 here," hinting that MachineRage is dev6.