Lilypad Servers

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These servers are for Alpha v1.0.16.05_13 Lilypad QA

Important Note: Lilypad servers are not official server jars (see How to host a server?). If a server is claiming anything about sightings, it is most likely false information.

Note: Some of those servers are frequently reported to be offline or have no players online, so it's advised to move onto Cypress servers instead.

Some servers may require editing of the server list file (servers.txt), as the in-game IP address input box has a character limit of 32.

  • ErdBeer's server: (has a whitelist-like system)
  • Buj Itself's server:
  • Max's Server:

Servers that may be inactive

  • Devad's server:
  • bidgewump's server:
  • LCS's server:
  • UnityG's server: (Rosepad only)
  • 2Lily2Pad: (Rosepad only)