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JS_Sam1999 is one of the major characters appearing in AlphaVer and was a Playtester on the 16.05 branch.


JS_Sam1999 was a playtester for the 16.05 branch. On an unknown date, they submitted an audio related bug to the Bug tracker, which occurred due to them using Linux. Their account would be banned on December 14, 2010 for account sharing.

Videos Recorded


Bug Tracker JS_Sam1999 details an audio related issue they are experiencing in-game. It is described as "playing at a wrong pitch or in reverse or something". Dev0 closes the thread, saying JS_Sam1999 is running an unsupported operating system, being Linux. Dev6 reopens the thread suggesting ideas for the issue, but Dev0 closes it again, marking it as, "Closed [wontfix]".
Video Collection

After being banned on December 14, 2010, JS_Sam1999 discovered a way to still play the 16.05 branch on singleplayer. On December 22, 2011, they would record a video that is now known as Video 6 in Video Collection. In this video, they showcase a tutorial on "How to play MineCraft offline". This involves going to the game files and editing act.id in a Hex Editor. In the video, they modifies two sets of Hexes. First, they change 20 BC 30 8D to 00 00 00 02, which modifies their PlaytesterID to that of Dev2's. After this, they also changes the values 63 48 4A 76 5A to 64 47 56 7A 64, switching the server the launcher is connected to from a production server to a testing one, allowing JS_Sam1999 to load into Alpha v1.0.16.05_18# on dev2's account.



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