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Freerun is a set of time attack levels, introduced in Alpha R4, they serve to teach players about the various gameplay mechanics including the Dash, there are 6 levels to choose from.

"Test your skills using the new gameplay mechanics by playing these timed stages."


The first level, this level teaches the basics of Dashing. The map is very small with tight spaces.


The second level, this level was seen during the Dev Raid and in Video Collection prior to Freerun's official release. The map is much larger than Introduction and has different ways to be completed. Completing this map in under 24 seconds unlocks the Cavestyle Visual.


The third level, this map takes place in open air surrounded by tall buildings. Completing this map in under 38 seconds unlocks the 16.06 Visual.


The fourth level, this level teaches how to Long Jump while also incorporating swimming. This map features a floating section in the air separated from the other portions of the map and has a seamless warp that links it with the others.


The fifth level, this level has a snow theme and is considered more difficult than the other levels. The map is very long and features long distance platforms that require tight dashes to reach.


The sixth and final level, this level incorporates everything the player has learnt into a final map. Completing this map in under 21 seconds unlocks the Neo Visual.