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This is a collection of videos we've found on various sources, from people who may or may not have been just normal players.

[00:00-02:52] Video 1 [02:52-04:34] Video 2 [04:34-08:09] Video 3 [08:09-08:54] Video 4... [08:54-11:03] Video 5 [11:03-13:43] Video 6 [13:43-17:28] Video 7

- "I Don't Know When I First Found The Version Haha..."

- "do you have anything else archived or is it only this jar?"

- "I Have The Launcher" "There Are HTMLCache Files" (attachment)

- "that's still pretty good" "i don't think we have this yet" "[6] do you have anything on this?"

- "I don't actually have the launcher's source, let me see" "That's a huge find actually"

- "oh my god [6] look at this jar"

- "Isn't this just R4?" "Wait the size is weird"

"What the hell is 18#"

- "I Used Trick From The Video To Get Unban I Remember.... after That I Had 18# Too"

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