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Video name: 服务器世界备份_1.flv

"This one's confusing, so I'll try to be quick in explaining what's going on here." "It's interesting for a few reasons. It was found on bilibili, and from what I can gather it's part of some kind of horror series directed using R4."

"I think it doesn't have to be said that 1.2.22,22_00 is not a real version. Whoever made the video used one of the hacked clients that were circluating around that time, one of its features was letting you change the version string. People used that back then to advertise their servers or whatever, and for the sake of making the experience as complete as it can be, we'll be adding that feature into [Cypress] too. But what's truly interesting is what happens somewhere in the middle of that footage. I'm fairly sure that part was recorded actually in [RD]. This version numbering is exactly the same, and technically, noone outside of us should have known what that looks like at the time. What's going on here?" "I'm also seeing a lot of things I don't remember from my time working on the code. Most of it is in the current dump of the code that we're basing [Cypress] off, but..."

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