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"[1] was pretty reclusive after we disbanded, but luckily that old hard drive I talked about had his sessions recorded too, so I figured this one might pique your interest. Recognise that world?"

"I'm sure that if you went to the site you'd have seen the error shown in the video, and to nobody's surprise it's all because [0] tried to force his vision of "Adventure" on the Hub concept again, which is why we started with a more, so to speak, open variation that was accessed via holes in bedrock. He just got fed up with, and I quote, "us morons" and decided to code things his own way again. That happened so often in relation to the Hub specifically, in fact, that [5] made a special track that would play if something went wrong in the area, that was plenty fun to hear after almost every single addition of his (though I wasn't without fault either)"

"Nonetheless, it's really saddening that after [2]'s death in 2014, [1] cut any contact with the team whatsoever. I wouldn't call him a friend, but he was far from unpleasant and always tried to get some more creative freedom for us." "Though I've heard he might have been in contact with some of the developers that went on to work at Mojang, so I'll keep looking for a way to bring him here."

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