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[22.09.2021]: "I knew it would come to this one time or another. I missed a spot while editing out my personal information. Still, I don't think it's too late, so please remove the original upload and replace it with this version"

Original description:

"[video attachment] Guess who found the old hard drive. The original version of this video is way longer and has my personal information, which I had to cut out, so that you can put it up on the channel. Oh, and by longer, I mean we're talking hours. Hours of mostly an empty desktop, don't really know why he wanted to record the work PCs 24/7. Anyway here's the original: [link]"

"Wow, this video sure brings back memories. It's a bug-fixing session from 2010. If you look hard enough you can probably find the exact date, don't really want to check right now, and not that it really matters right now."

"Showing this to you is kind of embarassing, most of this bad code you're seeing was written by me. But it's important, seeing that it's your first, or maybe second look at the work environment back there."

"So now all we can do is wait for him to respond, I guess"

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