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"We paid them [Mojang], so they let us do that, and even gave us access to the auth system. How the project manager pulled it off is beyond me."

"Don't reveal my name. Chances are, they still know who I am. [...] I've also gone ahead and removed all information that could identify me from the video so that you can post it on your channel."

"The full version along with some other videos is on my FTP server, I've sent you the IP, username and password, check pinned messages. [...] I don't think I need to say this but DO NOT post these full videos anywhere until I give you the green light."

"And what you're seeing here in this video is me playing. Yes, I know, the focus is all over the place, I didn't have the best camera at the time. The fact that I even got to record this without being caught is already something, the anti-leaking policy was strict. As for what I do in the video, get real, who wouldn't screw around with other players' worlds like this, especially back in 2010."

- 6

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