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"For the longest time, this was my final interaction with [6]. Funny how 12 years later, we're now here trying to figure this out." "Thanks to the hub system, [0] could use my worlds. From what I can tell, he liked my world so much as to use it in promotional material, such as what you've seen in [Presentation]."

- "That's exactly the case." "[0] just picked a random world listed on the hub server, and yours happened to be the one." "Takes a lot of the mystery out of it, I know." "This isn't something [0] made me do. I just thought it was right."

- "Wow" "That really was very insensitive of me at the time, but in my defense, I didn't want to get on [0]'s bad side. Not that it excuses me in the first place." "Never thought I'd hear from any of you ever again." "But now that the dust's settled, I can let you in on something." "After our team was shut down, [0] moved on with another team to work on [16.06]. What happened with [16.06], we can only guess, at least until we find someone who's worked on it." "Out of all the branches, [16.05] was the most open to the public- We even had a few open tests." "My point is, [16.04], [16.06] and anything before and after these, were nothing like that. That's why if you weren't an insider, you would know nothing. We're not gonna find out anything until people affiliated with these versions come forward."

"One thing I learnt from a [16.04] developer is that [Nametag players] were real people. They weren't AI controlled." "We just didn't know who they were, but now, I think I have an idea on what caused it." "There was nothing out of place in the server logs. It just looked like any other player connecting." "Except, some of them logged in with a proper developer certificate file."

"This may be a bit of a stretch, but hear me out." "What if they're developers of previous versions?" "Think about it." "They spend time working on a project, and then [0] shuts it down and opens another with a different team. Not that they'd know it, of course." "Consider this: they still have the certificates, they can take control of the server." "The problem is, they'd need to know how the server works." "But if what [1 from 16.04] said was real," "That freelancer" "[16.04] had one, and so did [16.05]" "What if they're the same person?"

"This is definitely something to consider"

"We also need to address something everyone wants to see." "Version [Cypress], which up to this point you knew as R4 will (hopefully) soon be publicly released." "The reason this is taking a long time, is because the only thing that remained from R4 were outputs from our internal obfuscation programs." "This isn't ideal considering we need to patch out all of the network functionality that's preventing the whole thing from launching."


"It's not too big a deal now. Water under the bridge and all"

"It's really weird to look back at everything I did." "It’s been ten years and I gotta admit, this whole time I thought it was really fun doing [that], and I just wanted to screw around"

"It’s just a Minecraft world, you don’t need to apologize"

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