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"This, I am pretty sure is the last version to ever exist. While you can see many new features, Lilypad was merely a bugfix release, most notably we fixed a bug with that sorting function that crashed the game often."

"As for the video itself, it shows [4] testing some of the new features added in version 12. He was a bit late to the party, but at the time he'd been busy with managing our site and bug tracker page."

"But that's not a development build, this is what we planned to hand out to the QA team."

"Speaking of the QA tests, we realised the 2 people from our team weren't quite enough to test all of the new features. And because we already had a 'closed' group of testers, we decided to let anyone who registers via email play it."

"what is this name at the top?"

"That's the name of the player's current area. [0] wanted every group of chunks you visit to feel unique, so that's what we settled on"

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