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"Oh, so that's the video you've been telling me about all along. Glad you were able to finally recover it" "The bans were pitched by [0] after we brought up the issue of testing security on one of our meetings soon after the development cycle of the branch started, and they were much harsher originally - the offending player would be booted out of the testing without a chance of getting back, though, as you see, it became somewhat more lenient"

"[0] still insisted on barring them from normal play, so we had to come up with something. Luckily, [2] and [3] were working on what you know as the Hub at the time, and so the first iteration of it, code and all, was repurposed for a sort of detention area"

"The hub you see in the game? it was the third, maybe fourth version of the feature at large, and it only took a more-or-less hallway-like form from the second design onward, we even used to test them on a private server"

"the doors didn't become a staple until before implementation, however."

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