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"To hype all of you up for what we are going to release soon, here's a new video found on the bug tracker backup."

"It's from [0]'s fork called "R4". Originally, we didn't know why it was called that, we were just implementing features we were told to. Today, after getting in contact with one of the developers of [16.04], we came to the conclusion that R4 was a combination of [16.04]'s features and our ideas. To not reveal any names outside of this chat, let's call them [1 from 04]." "Very little footage remained from [16.04]. Apparently, an entirely different dev team also started work on [16.06] after our team "disbanded"."

"The reason "recruiters" appear in R4 is thanks to a new feature that [0] implemented. One of the [special included] maps had a secret that allowed you to connect to other players' worlds. We thought it was hidden well enough, but we were proven wrong right after release. If I remember correctly someone even made a tutorial video explaining how to access it through cheats, which was not intended."

"I'm getting this old build system running again. As expected, it doesn't want to cooperate with JDK 17, but I'm fairly confident I'll get this running so that the whole world will be able to see what [0] wanted to hide." "To make this the most complete release, expect to see a feature that wasn't there in the original 2011 July 27 backup. You'll know what it is when you see it."

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