Essence Cloner

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Essence Cloner is a block introduced in R4




The Essence Cloner allows for the duplication of any block/item available in possession. Each item requires a certain amount of Essence in order to duplicate the item, with the amount of Essence needed being dependent on the item's Essence Value. When interacting with the block, a menu opens up showing a row with 3 slots to the left, and a row 3 slots to the right. The left 3 rows are where the blocks/items that are to be duped are placed, with the remaining 2 slots used for Essence and Essence Cache. When placed, they will also appear on the right 3 rows, however, the amount of said items will not change if not enough Essence is placed in the Essence Cloner.


16.05 Branch
Alpha R4 Added Essence Cloner