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Entry point is the first video on Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions YouTube channel.


Date and time unknown, however the year is certainly 2010. Source of the video is a normal player. Not much more background info had not been known up to this point, but now, they're with us.

I remember this world. It was started in singleplayer, however we used to run it on a server, until [he] unknowingly got accepted into this into the tests. [He] didn't know what was going on at first, we couldn't even play multiplayer, since version 16.05 didn't have it until its sixth release. And when that finally came, [he] got banned for distributing the jar to someone from outside of the tests, that being me. Luckily, like [6] said, [he] got unbanned a few days later, but the damage has already been done. We didn't have much in common, or anything at that. At that point in life, we'd already split our paths in real life and back then, Minecraft was the only thing keeping us together. These few days when it was taken away from us, were enough to split us apart. It's nothing personal, [6], after all, [he]'s back with us now.



  • Thumbnail: There is a player in the window of the thumbnail.
  • 0:27: Cow and pig fade out of existence.
  • 0:41: A shadow player appears.
  • 1:05: The shadow player is gone.

Skype chat


00:01: I'm not lying

00:01: I swear to god


00:02: look, you and your friends have already like

00:02: tried to prank me a few times


00:02: Come on you know I wouldn't joke about something like that


00:03: idk man, to me it really seems like you are


00:30: DUDE

00:30: I SAW HIM


00:30: wym?


00:30: THE THING


00:30: I TOLD YOU


00:30: screenshot?


00:30: HOW


00:31: print screen key

00:31 then ctrl+v here?


00:31: HE'S GONE


  • The original title was "Sighting of the entity in 1.0.16" and the original description was "Date and time unknown, however the year is most likely 2010. Source of the video is a normal player. Not much more background info is known."
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