Emergency Sighting

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<emergency> sighting is the 13th and the last valid sighting of ARG creators connecting to the RGN's server. All interactions that took place after this sighitng are and should be considered gamejacking attempts.

Chat transcript

<MbccompanyX>: oh
<gratitude>: ill make my name TESTER NGJ if i test
<type123>: alright now there are two?
<gratitude>: its not the names it a unicode charecter at the start
<Out_Dated_Playz>: I am lagging
<emergency>: from here on out
<MbccompanyX>: NGJ? what do you mean?
<gratitude>: Not Game Jacker
<emergency>: all interaction with the developer team is severed
<StrappedDeviant>: what?
<emergency>: as there have been people from outside the team who joined this  world
<emergency>: in order to attempt influence
<emergency>: any person joining after this interaction is to be disregarded
<StrappedDeviant>: wait
<Cookiecopter_HD>: idc
<StrappedDeviant>: is this real
<gratitude>: no bye
<> left the game
<LightiningMC09>: ugh sorry
<emergency>: such as dev=no and any others
<dragonguy>: gratitude seems preety fake
<emergency>: i repeat
<LightiningMC09>: i eill make my dev name TESTER NGJ if i do the dev trick
<dragonguy>: dev=no doesnt make sense
<Out_Dated_Playz>: I am lagging out too much
RealYvngDaad joined the game
<StrappedDeviant>: emergency are you from the actual dev team?
dragonguy left the game
<LightiningMC09>: sorry bout dev=no
<emergency>: anyone joining under the pretence of a developer is not the team and is not to be trusted
<MbccompanyX>: same here like, what's making us lag?
<emergency>: communication end
<LightiningMC09>: or I might do lightiningMC09 as dev name
dragonguy joined the game.
RealYvngDaad left the game.