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dj_p155 is one of the primary characters seen in AlphaVer and was a Player & known investigator on the 16.05 branch.



dj_p155 is a prominent figure that appears alongside his friend, xorcist6898, whom got accepted into the tests for what would become the 16.05 branch. He wouldn't be directly involved with 16.05 until xorcist6898 distributed the .jar to him so he could join his server, which resulted him in (presumably) being banned. He would begin investigating 16.05 years later with a small group in search for the lost versions' .jar files whilst also recovering lost footage from the time period 16.05 was still active.

Videos Recorded


Before Entry point dj_p155 gets a message from xorcist6898 that he spotted what was a Shadow Player, but dj_p155 did not believe him.
Entry point dj_p155 gets another message from xorcist6898 about another Shadow Player being spotted, he asks for screenshot but xorcist6898 was too late to do so.
The search dj_p155 & xorcist6898 try to find the Shadow Player xorcist6898 saw, but come out empty handed.
Version 06 dj_p155 & xorcist6898 work together to construct a staircase up to his house along with a basement, as they build the basement, dj_p155 discovers the new window and tile blocks added to the game, shortly after, dj_p155 gets disconnected, then xorcist6898 quickly thereafter, seemingly getting banned.
Consequences dj_p155 gets access to xorcist6898's account that was still currently banned at the time and logs in, finding himself in a new area known as the Ash Dimension
Reinsertion point dj_p155 waits some time, while logged into Minecraft on xorcist6898's account in the Ash Dimension, but is eventually unbanned and teleported into what was an earlier version of The Hub, while exploring he encounters a strange room & a developer, but quickly afterwards finds an Iron Door back to the overworld.
Unknown version dj_p155 crafts a set doors for a chest house, after he does, he goes behind the building to see a set of Greenscreen blocks showing the POV of another player that is seemingly behind him.
Attempt to run today dj_p155, ORBL & MachineRage are in a group DM on Discord, when ORBL finds a jar for a lost version for Alpha, however the game lags whenever an Iron Door is in view, which then crashes after 3 Iron Doors are viewed, he then receives a message "Unable to connect to main servers.", which surprises MachineRage.


Vodopad from Kataribesou ~Ensouki~ (かたりべ荘~淵藪記~)., which is what dj_p155's design is based off of.
Vodopad from Kataribesou ~Ensouki~ (かたりべ荘~淵藪記~), which is what dj_p155's design is based off of.