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Discovered is the nineteenth video on Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions YouTube channel.



"Due to a massive influx of new players wanting to try this version out, the mail bot takes a long time to respond. From now on, please use to register." "This site will soon host something we've uncovered on our web developer's old hard drive."


"This is it, the QA version. You will have to register, but I routed it to a new address that should still work."

"And, try getting to Milestone 10 on [the new mode]. You will need some cooperation but I'm sure you all can do it"


  • Esentially a sequence of 14 images (including one text).
  • All images, except the latest ones, are screenshots of 16.05 versions with various bugs and glitches.
  • Image 10 is obstruction POV from Sighting #6.
  • Image 11 is simply a line of text reading "want to see you explain these, 0"
  • Image 12 was taken on Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.9.0 alpha build 1.
  • Image 13 is screenshot of the message posted by Vivivern on a forum, where he writes that he found a video about this structure on Youtube.
  • Image 14 is a fragment of a frame from video ????.
  • The background sound is a song which doesn't appear to be in the OST.
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